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Kevin Harrington - Drums, Programming and Keyboards

Paul Fraoley- Bass on Tracks 2, 5, 9, and 10

Kyle Willis - Bass on Track 8

Daryl Johnson - Keyboards on Tracks 2, 3, 5 and 10

William "Prez" Bush - Keyboards on Tracks 4 and 7

Eric "Pearl" Wilson - Keyboards on Tracks 1 and 8

Gene "Wiz" Williams - Keyboards on Track 9

John Willis - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Programming

Dave Mullen - Sax

Joan Willis - Spoken Word on Track 5

Produced By: Kevin Harrington

Executive Producer: John Willis

Recording and Mixing Engineers: Paul Fraoley and Kevin Harrington

Mastering Engineer: Duncan Stanbury

Special Thanks to Joan Willis, Mark Myers, Michael Hendrickson,

Andre Lassalle, Steven Anderson, The Anderson Family, The Curry Family,

Sekou Bunch, Ron Small, The Small Family, Paul Fraoley and Family.

   * Written by John Willis and Nancy McDuffie

 ** Written by Kyle Willis

*** Written by Kevin Harrington

This CD is dedicated to my mother Donis Willis.

Thank you for all your support and inspiration to me and my musical friends throughout the years.

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